Terms and Conditions is a document that regulates the activities of gambling and betting websites. Every operator who intends to work in the Indian market should have it. T&Cs are coordinated with local authorities. Therefore, punters can be sure that the site presents rules and regulations that take into account the interests of local residents as much as possible. 

Terms and Conditions include a set of different policies that determine the operation of the site, as well as rules and requirements that players must comply with. The document describes the procedure for account creation, authorization, payment transactions, collection, storage, protection and use of user data, participation in promotions, etc. Usually, an Indian player must confirm his agreement with T&Cs during the registration process on the site, otherwise his private account will not be created. 

Remember that if you have not read the Terms and Conditions, it does not relieve you of responsibility. Every player who has registered on a gambling or betting site automatically confirms his agreement with its rules and policies. In this case, if you have a dispute with the operator, it will be resolved taking into account the existing T&Cs. For this reason, we recommend that you take the time to study this document so that you can avoid pitfalls. 

Limitations Of Use 

There are categories of persons who are prohibited from utilizing the services of online casinos and betting sites. In the event that people from these categories register on the platform, they will be blocked. 

First of all, registration is prohibited for people under the age of 18. Legal bookies and gambling operators observe the Principles of Responsible Gambling, so minors do not have the right to use their services. If you hide your real age, you will still be blocked after passing the identity verification procedure. 

Also, betting and gambling operators accept on their websites residents of those countries in which they have a work permit. You will find out whether the company accepts Indian punters from the very first minute you are on the site. 

One player can own only one account. Re-registration is prohibited, and violation of this rule will lead to your blocking. 

During the registration procedure, the new client of the site undertakes to provide it with real and up-to-date personal and contact information. Most often, companies request information about the name, surname, date of birth, gender, country, province, city, residential address, postal code, email and mobile phone number. To create a private account, a login and passcode are also required. In the event that a player provides false information, then he or she will have difficulties in passing the identity verification procedure. 

Procedure of Verification 

We have already mentioned verification above. This is one of the most important procedures, the passage of which is mandatory for every user. With its help, gambling and betting operators control who registers on their sites. They also get the opportunity to exclude minors, problem punters, scammers and bonus abusers from the number of clients. Usually, the verification procedure is a prerequisite if the user wants to access the withdrawal of funds. 

The player can initiate the verification of the identity independently utilizing the options in the private cabinet. Otherwise, the support agents of the firm themselves will offer him or her to provide high-quality scans of documents confirming his/her identity and residential address. The operator can also initiate a video call with the client. This is done in cases where the player cannot provide scans of documents, or the casino/bookie has doubts that the person is who he/she claims to be. 

The provision of deliberately false information leads to the blocking of the user. 

Anti-Money Laundering Policy 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy is another important set of rules applicable to gambling and betting sites. It is aimed at combating fraud, money laundering and the financing of international terrorism. Legally operating online casinos and bookmakers cooperate on these issues with the authorized authorities, and can provide them with information about suspicious players. The authorities, in turn, transmit to the site lists of persons found to have committed crimes. During the verification procedure, these lists are used by companies to compare with the player’s personality. 

Fraud and Crime 

Every punter who wants to become a regular customer of an Indian online casino or betting site should fairly utilize its services. Each such operator has an anti-fraud department. Its employees monitor suspicious user activity 24/7. If it is found that you are trying to gain an unfair advantage over the firm, you will be blocked. Additionally, committing a crime will lead to the fact that information about you will be transferred to the authorized bodies. 

Gambling and betting operators consider these actions as violations: 

  • Collusion with other players to get a guaranteed profit;
  • Bonus abuse;
  • Conscious transfer of data to third parties;
  • Using stolen bank cards for payment transactions;
  • The use of bots, bugs, loopholes, viruses;
  • Laundering money that was obtained from criminal activities, etc. 

Payment Transactions 

One of the most crucial aspects of the activities of licensed gambling operators and bookies in India is conducting transactions. Such firms provide their clients only legal payment systems for these purposes. The limits may be different, but the comfort and safety of both processing and conducting money transfers remain unchanged. And if you still have questions, you can at any time request assistance from the support agents of the site where you want to make stakes or enjoy cash games. 

Keep in mind that access to payment transactions is opened only after the punter creates a private cabinet and logs in to the site. Usually, Indian online bookies and gambling operators do not charge fees for depositing and withdrawing funds, but keep in mind that the fee can be taken by a payment service provider. 

Terms of Promotions and Bonuses 

This is another important cell of the rules that defines the procedure for using bonuses and participating in promotions on the site. Each such incentive has its own rules and conditions, which the player must understand well before accepting it. Most often Bonus Terms are placed by a gambling operator or a bookmaker on a separate page because of their special importance. 

In addition to the conditions of bonuses, companies also publish general requirements for them separately. Players receive information about who can participate in promotions, whether their rules can change, what is the bonus balance, wager, and whether there are territorial restrictions on bonus activation. 

Cookie Policy 

The first time you visit a gambling or betting portal in India that interests you, you will receive a notification that the operator utilizes cookies. They are fragments, small files that are located on your computer/phone and store information about your interaction with the site. As soon as you visit the page, a file is automatically generated on the device. It contains your actions, data that you leave on the resource (login, passcode) and much more. 

The use of cookies allows online casinos and bookies from India to receive details about the preferences of their clients and utilize this to develop their services. Keep in mind that deleting or disabling cookies may lead to poor-quality display of the site or unavailability of a number of its services.