Stumped, run out or dead ball?

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

In a game yesterday my batting partner started to walk thinking he had been bowled partly due to the reaction of the bowler. Actually, the ball missed the stumps and deflected off the keeper. I called no run where upon the batsman realised his mistake and tried to regain his ground but failed to do so before the keeper re-gathered the ball and broke the stumps. He was given out which we had no problem with but an umpire watching the game felt a dead ball should have been called as the batsman made an honest mistake partly due to the bowlers reaction. What should have been the correct outcome

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Kevin Staff answered 3 years ago

Apologies for the slow reply, a technical malfunction meant my website did not alert me to your question.
The batter is out stumped as he was not attempting a run. It is up to the batsman to be aware of where the ball is while it is in play. His honest mistake cannot prevent the fielding team taking his wicket.