Runner deliberately breaks stumps after first run

Ask the UmpireRunner deliberately breaks stumps after first run
Paul Suters asked 1 year ago

Can a batsman enacting a completed run deliberately break the stumps thereby dislodging a bail and then continue to run making it impossible for a throw to complete a run-out, but forcing the fielder to actually have the ball in hand to remove a stump – hence making a runout significantly more difficult for the fielding team.  
I am sure this falls outside the governing policy of “fair play” but is there an explicit rule/process to handle such a situation?

1 Answers
Kevin Staff answered 1 year ago

The umpires would need to consider whether the action was both deliberate and obstructed the field. If the answers are yes to both, he/she could be given out “obstructed the field”. If the answer is yes to the first question and no to the second, the batter should not be given out, but should be given an official warning by the umpires.