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Kim asked 1 year ago

A wicket falls on the 5th ball of the last over of the day can the square leg umpire declare stumps and then remove the stumps because he says it is past time or does the umpire at the bowlers end have the call?

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Kevin Staff answered 1 year ago

It is the bowler’s end umpires responsibility for calling time, not the square leg umpire. Umpires are supposed to work as a team and should have consulted and agreed on the correct course of action.
It is difficult to decide whether the last ball of the over should have been bowled without knowing your particular playing conditions, but going over time has nothing to do with the decision. Usually, if a wicket falls within two minutes of the scheduled finish, the next batter does not have to come in, This is probably what the square leg umpire believed was the correct decision, but it is not his decision as previously mentioned.