Keeping, stumped or run out ?

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Subramaniam asked 7 months ago

Striker A' plays the ball to the cover area and runs for a single.  Non-Striker B’ backs up a little and again returns to his crease.  But however, the Striker A' grounds the bat at the Non-Striking end (bowler's end) earlier than the Non-Striker `B’.  The wicket is put down at the Striker’s end after a while when both the striker and the non-striker are at the non-striker’s end.  Who is out ? This is a real match incident.  

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Kevin Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Subramaniam
This situation is covered by Law 29:
Which is a batsman’s ground

(a) If only one batsman is within a ground

(i) it is his ground

(ii) it remains his ground even if he is later joined there by the other batsman.
If the non-striker had remained in his ground the striker would have been run out. Because the non-striker left his ground and then returned to it after the striker, the non-striker is run out.