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yousuf asked 9 months ago

The keeper away from the wicket for  pace bowler. but he sees the batsmen coming out of the crease and playing his shots. Before the next ball is bowled keeper comes up near the stumps (like for spinners).
My question is
If the keeper changes his position like this, Is he required to inform the umpire that he is standing upto the stumps or going away from the stumps?
if he does not do so the laws here in local cricket gives a no ball?
Is this lawful in cricket rules

1 Answers
Kevin Staff answered 9 months ago

The wicketkeeper does not have to inform the umpires of his change of position. He must change his position before the bowler starts his run-up. I the wicketkeeper moves after the bowler has started his run-up the umpire will call dead ball.
Here is the wording of the law:
After the ball comes into play and before it reaches the striker, it is unfair if the wicket-keeper significantly alters his position in relation to the striker’s wicket, except for the following:
(i)    movement of a few paces forward for a slower delivery, unless in so doing it brings him within reach of the wicket.
(ii)    lateral movement in response to the direction in which the ball has been delivered.
(iii)    movement in response to the stroke that the striker is playing or that his actions suggest he intends to play. However, the provisions of Law 40.3 (Position of wicket-keeper) shall apply.
In the event of unfair movement by the wicket-keeper, either umpire shall call and signal Dead ball.