How do I brace the front leg in pace bowling ?

Ask the UmpireCategory: QuestionsHow do I brace the front leg in pace bowling ?
Muhammad Omar Farooq asked 12 months ago

Hi there !
I am a 15 year old pace bowler of height 5ft 4 inches. I bowl pretty quick. But the problem is that I have a mixed action and it puts a lot of stress on me.
  I have remodeled my action to front one but just the last thing I want is to brace the front leg. I just unintentionally do it. (Not under my control). How do I BRACE the front leg?


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Kevin Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Omar. Apologies for the delay in replying, your email went into the spam folder.
It is much easier to bowl with a braced front leg with the classical side-on action. The key is to use a high front arm through your delivery stride.
With a front-on action it is more complex. The following resource should help you: