Caught behind given by striker's umpire.

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Dr. Sayed Ziauddin asked 7 months ago

There is an appeal for a caught behind but the bowlers end umpire gives him not out in the first instance but immediately  afterwards he notices that the striker’s umpire is signalling him that the ball has touch the bat and infact it is a caught behind. After the consultation between the umpires the bowler’s end umpire gives the batsman out. The ball had gone to the wicket keeper from the offside and the striker’s end umpire feels that there was a sound of bat. Was it out?

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Kevin Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Dr Sayed
This is very bad umpiring. The bowler’s end umpire is the sole judge as to whether the ball touched the bat and cannot be influenced by the opinion of the striker’s end umpire. The two umpires can only consult as to whether the ball was caught cleanly, not as to whether it hit the bat. Any batter given out in such circumstances has every right to feel hard done by.