Catch appel by wicket kipper for leg umpire

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vinod chouhan asked 2 years ago

Dear Sir.
Fast bowler on The attack nd bol pass by batsman nd may be bat on edge yes ya not.And all wk nd fldr are apeal for strike umpire nd strike umpire go for leg umpire for catch appeal nd leg umpire given to fingure up for out desijon..
It is leagal by wicket kipper they appel are catch for leg umpire..  It is out ya not out

1 Answers
Kevin Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Vinod, sorry but I’m finding your question hard to understand. The square leg umpire cannot give a batter out caught; only the bowler’s end umpire can do this. The square leg umpire can only help the bowler’s end umpire if he asks the square leg umpire if the catch has been cleanly taken.