Ball in PLAY or DEAD, OUT or NOT OUT?

Ask the UmpireBall in PLAY or DEAD, OUT or NOT OUT?
Yas asked 1 year ago

A batsman is facing a slow bowler and has the wicket keeper standing up to the stumps. The batsman advances down the track and misses the ball resulting in an an easy stumping. However the wicket keeper whips the bails off but has not collected the ball cleanly and the ball falls towards short leg. The Wicket Keeper then runs towards the ball to have a second stumping attempt.
The batsman thinking that he has been stumped the first time round and so never returns to his crease, the wicket keeper knowing that he hasn’t completed a clean stumping runs towards short leg, picks up the ball and runs back to the stumps, holding the ball on to one of the stumps as he pulls the stump out off the ground (due to the stumps being broken in the first place). The Batsman walks towards the pavilion thinking he was out in the first place and is not attempting to take a run,
Is the ball DEAD or in IN PLAY???
Is this OUT or NOT OUT????
a) Batsman thought He was OUT stumped and so didn’t return to the crease and started walking towards the pavilion.
b) Wicket Keeper initially broke the stumps without taking ball cleanly.
c) The Pavilion is located towards deep mid wicket so, he’s natural direction of walk, will still have him out of he’s crease.
Please can you shed some light on this incident.
Many Thanks

1 Answers
Kevin Staff answered 1 year ago

See Law 27: The umpire, not having given the batter out, shall immediately call ‘dead ball’. The batter is not out and can resume batting because he left the crease under the misapprehension he was out.