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Subhash asked 12 months ago

To an earlier query from someone – if a bowler bowled more than his overs ! Is it a chance to win the match for other side ? 
You replied as follows:
Anjana – If a bowler is allowed to bowl more than his maximum over limit by mistake, as soon as the error is noticed he must stop bowling and be replaced by another bowler. As this is a mistake there is no penalty against the bowling side; the batting side does not win the match because of this error.
My query:

  1. Suppose 5 balls have been bowled when this error was found out, whether new bowler has to bowl only one ball to complete the over or a fresh over wiping off the earlier 5 balls need to be ensured?
  2. Had this additional over was intentionally done by either bowling side or an umpire what would be the action. (it is against the spirit of the game/unfair play)
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Kevin Staff answered 12 months ago


  1. The last ball of the over is bowled by a different bowler. The over is not re-bowled.
  2. I am not sure what you mean here. I am not sure how an umpire could conclusively say the action was deliberate. The scorers, if they are doing their jobs properly, should alert the umpires and players before any balls are bowled in the extra over.