Coping With Pressure During A Match

mental toughnessHow do you cope when things aren’t going your way? The demon fast bowler is peppering you with bouncers. The star batter has just hit you for six. You have just dropped their best batter on nought.

  • Maintain a sense of pride in your performance. Continue to give maximum effort and thought to the task at hand.
  • Take responsibility for the results of your actions. Don’t blame others. Believe that you can turn around the difficult situation you are facing. Don’t back down or quit.
  • Show courage and determination. Do not give in to your reasonable fear of being hit by a bouncer or being hit for another six when you bowl the next delivery.
  • Keep plugging away with your match plans, but not in a blind fashion. Be ready to make positive changes if the things you are trying are not working.
  • Do the hard things in the game with as much intensity and thought as the things you find easy. For example, jog in to position between overs, even if it is a stiflingly hot day. Run between the wickets with equal intensity, whether the runs are yours or your batting partners.
  • If your coach, captain, or another team member feels the need to criticise your performance, realize that it is not to be taken personally, nor should it be dwelt upon. Strive to put right the aspects of your performance that have been criticized.