Cricket Speak – Batting, Bowling and Fielding

Batting sayings

“Have a go, ya mug!” This means to forget about your average and get on with it.

“You’re a bunny!” An easy wicket for the bowler he is facing.

I don't love cricket“Feel free to use the bat!” When a batter repeatedly plays at and misses the ball.

“Well left!” When it is obvious to everyone that the batter has been completely bamboozled by a great delivery.

“Leave the rubbish!” Where a batter appears to be doing his best to get out despite the poor standard of the bowling.

“My grandmother could have hit that!”

“The bat’s not for decoration you know!” Start using the bat to score runs.

“You can use the whole bat you know!” Used against a batter who is always edging the ball.

“Gone!” You’re out!

“It’s not a bloody test match!” Also known as “Get on with it!”

“Run em up!” According to the coach, the batters aren’t running fast enough between the wickets.

For the bowlers

“He’s a pie thrower!” This refers to a particularly unskilful bowler who should have lots of runs scored off him before the real bowlers come back on.

“Slow down, we can’t see it!“

“The faster you bowl, the further they go!” A common phrase used after a tearaway fast bowler has had a rank bad ball dispatched to the boundary.

For the fielders

“He couldn’t catch a train!” He’s just dropped another sitter.

He dropped a sitter“You couldn’t catch it with a bucket!” Another easy catch dropped.

“Good arm!” A boundary fielder with a very weak throw.

“Go the ball!” You mentally will it towards the boundary.