Cricket Terms: U-Z

unplayable delivery – also known as a jaffer. A delivery that is too good for the batter.

use the crease – where a bowler varies the position between the popping and return creases from where he releases the ball in order to deceive the batter.

use your feet – a batter will advance down the wicket to a spinner to smother or attack the ball.

V, the – The angle between mid-off and mid-on which the batter aims to play the ball within, especially in the early part of his innings, to lessen his risk of getting out.

wagon-wheel – A circular graph for each batter showing where he has scored his runs.

walking – The act of a batter agreeing he is out without needing to wait for an umpire’s decision. Regarded as one of the most principled (sporting) decisions a cricketer can make.

wicket – The stumps and bails together make the wicket. Can also be used to refer to the pitch that the game is played on.

Wicket-keeperwicketkeeper – the behind the wicket fielding position where the fielder, wearing gloves and pads, is tasked with fielding the ball when it has not been hit by the batter.

wicket maiden – An over in which a bowler takes a wicket and also concedes no runs off the bat or through wides or no balls.

wide – A ball that is considered too far away from the batter to allow him to play a normal cricket stroke. This definition will vary depending on the type and level of cricket being played.

wrist spin – The type of spin bowling which has the ball propelled out of the hand by a flick of the wrist rather than a flick of the fingers.

wrong un – The Australian term for a googly.

yips – A derogatory term which refers to a bowler, usually a left-arm spinner, who loses the ability to land the ball with any consistency and ends up sending down an embarrassing mixture of long-hops, full-tosses and half-volleys. Believed to be a psychological condition, it has ended a surprising number of careers.

yorkeryorker – A full pitched delivery aimed at the batter’s feet or the base of the stumps. Designed as a surprise delivery which aims to take a wicket.

zooter – A variation on the flipper. A ball that is said to “zoot” along, barely rising off the pitch.