Cricket Terms: T

tail – the lower part of the batting order; the least skilled batters in the team, usually the specialist bowlers.

tail ender – A player who bats in the lower part of the order, generally numbers 9, 10 and 11. They are not noted for their batting ability.

tea – An afternoon break of no more than twenty minutes.

thigh pad – a moulded pad designed to protect the thigh area of a batter.

thirdman – an offside fielding position, near the boundary, behind the wicket.

throw downs – a warm up routine by a batter where a team mate will throw a number of balls to the batter who will ‘get his eye’ in prior to going out to bat.

throwing – To deliver the ball illegally with the arm flexing at the elbow at more than the allowable limit, which is currently 15 degrees. Throwing allows a pace bowler to achieve extra pace and a spinner to achieve extra spin. A bowler who is confirmed as a thrower (chucker) through slow-motion video analysis, will need remedial action from a specialist bowling coach to fix the problem.

tickle – where the batter gets a fine edge to a delivery down the leg side. The ball will usually beat the wicketkeeper and go for runs to fine leg.

tie – Occurs when the team batting last in a two-innings match is dismissed for one run less than the score which would have won the game. In other words, when both teams end up with the same total of runs over two innings. In one day games there cannot be a draw, so the team batting second does not have to be dismissed for it to be a tie.

toe – The bottom edge of the bat.

tonton – A century (100 runs or more) by a batter in a single innings. One of the most sought after achievements by a cricketer.

tonk – a slog shot. If the batter normally plays this way he is called a tonker.

top-spinner – Where the top of the ball is rotated forward and the bottom backwards. Used by spin bowlers to try and gain bowled or LBW dismissals.

toss – The pre-match ritual of the home team captain tossing a coin and the visiting captain calling “heads” or “tails” to decide which captain has the right to decide whether to bat or bowl first.

track – Another name for the pitch the match is being played on.

trot – a batter having a run of good or bad form.

tweakertweaker – another name for a spin bowler. Usually a wrist spinner.

twelfth man – A substitute fielder. If called into action he can field in any position but may not bat or bowl. In junior cricket the 12th man on the list is often allowed to be either a non-batter (he is allowed to bowl) or a non-bowler (he is allowed to bat).

two-paced – A wicket that has become worn, allowing some deliveries to shoot through low, while allowing others to rear up off a length.

turn – Change of direction from the pitch. The bottom of the ball, on contact with the pitch, moves sideways.

turning wicket – A pitch that is spinning a great deal.

twenty20 – The recently developed form of the game which is taking the cricketing world by storm. A match that only lasts three hours and is well-suited for attracting families and fringe cricket supporters to the ground. Also known derogatorily as “hit and giggle.”