Cricket Terms: S (Part One)

sandshoe crusher – a yorker that lands on the batter’s foot.

ssscoop – where the batter hits underneath the ball to hit it over infielders.

scrambled seam – When the bowler releases a wobbling ball that is unlikely to swing or land on the seam.

seam – The ridge of stitching that keeps the two halves of a cricket ball together. The seam is important in the physics of swinging the ball and in enabling a bowler to achieve deviation off the pitch.

seamer – a bowler who skilfully lands the ball on the seam to enable it to deviate off the crease.

send back – where the partner of a batter refuses to run and the batter has to return to his crease.

session – a period of play during a day’s play.

shape – a term used by modern commentators to describe how the bowler has made the ball move in the air or off the pitch.

shine – the aim of all pace bowlers is to retain the natural shine on the ball to aid swing. Bowlers and fielders will polish the ball on their trousers between deliveries.

shocker – Often refers to an appallingly bad decision by an umpire. Can also refer to a particularly bad spell by a bowler.

short of a length ­- a ball that has the batter in two minds as to whether to pay forward or back.

short-pitched delivery – a ball that is pitched well short of the batter with the aim of causing the batter to play a rising ball off the back foot.

short run – where a batter fails to make his ground while taking more than one run. The umpire will call and signal one short and the run is disallowed.

shot – a stroke played by a batter.

shoulder armsshoulder arms – This describes the motion of the batter lifting his bat high above his shoulders to keep it and his gloved hands well away from the ball.

shooter – A ball that hardly bounces. Also known as a grubber.

side-on – Refers to a bowler who delivers the ball with his back foot pointing parallel to the bowling crease.

sight screen – Unfortunately a rare feature in any grade of junior cricket. A white or black material background placed beyond the boundary behind the bowler’s arm to ensure the batter has a clear sight of the ball.

signals – the hand and arm motions used by the umpire to signal the scorers about what has just occurred on the field of play.

silly mid off – a close catching offside fielding position, in front of the wicket, in line with mid off.

silly mid on – a close catching onside fielding position, in front of the wicket, in line with mid on.

sitter – The easiest possible catch. A source of major embarrassment to a fielder if he drops one.

skipper – a term for the captain of a cricket team.