Character in the Young Cricketer



 Building Character

  • Make an effort to get to know each of your team-mates. Don’t just always stick with your own close friends. Make new friends among your team mates.
  • Empathize with any of your team-mates trying to learn new and difficult cricket skills. Show patience towards them if they do not pick up new skills as quickly as you do.
  • Treat your team-mates as you would like to be treated by them.
  • Keep your emotions under control. Showing anger at others’ mistakes will not endear you to your team mates, the umpires, your family or the spectators.
  • Be an enthusiastic team member. Take an energetic part in all team activities. Volunteer to help where possible. Set a positive example.
  • Support your team-mates with your positivity and good humour. A handshake, pat on the head or arm around the shoulder are effective ways to show approval of your team-mates’ efforts.
  • Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths. Set goals to improve your weak areas.
  • If you make a mistake, apologise to your team and strive to do better next time.
  • Be modest. Avoid boasting about your achievements. Let your batting, bowling and fielding do your talking for you.
  • Be a humble winner and a generous loser.
  • Smile!