Appreciate Your Bowler’s Efforts



Appreciate your bowler’s efforts

One of your regular roles is to make bowling changes. Often the bowler to be replaced will be reluctant to come out of the attack. Soften the blow with a “well bowled” or “I’ll give you a rest” as a courtesy and a method of thanks to the bowler being replaced.


Where should the captain field?

The most common fielding positions for a captain are first slip or mid-off. These two positions allow the captain to easily communicate with the bowler and wicket-keeper and to be close to the line of the ball when it is bowled. Fielding at first slip also has the advantage of having the captain in constant communication with his most important fielder, the wicket-keeper.


The declaration

There are many factors to consider when deciding to declare, such as:

  • the size of the ground.
  • the pace of the outfield.
  • the time or overs remaining.
  • the runs to get.
  • your team’s bowling resources.
  • the opposition’s batting strength.
  • the weather and light.

Even if you are concerned about the prospects of your bowling attack keeping a strong opposition batting line-up under control, there is no excuse for batting on so long that any target you eventually set is almost impossible. Such an approach will only cause bitterness in the closing stages of the game. There is a saying about declarations that has always been true – “to win matches requiring a declaration, you must risk losing”.


The home captain’s obligations at the end of the match

These involve the following social courtesies:

  • Be quick to congratulate the opposition captain if his team has won; be generous and modest if your team has been victorious.
  • Thank the umpires and scorers. Don’t take them for granted – they are essential to the game.
  • Thank your supporters, and especially anyone who has provided lunches or afternoon teas.
  • Mingle with your team and the opposition in the time available after the match before everyone heads for home.


The visiting captain’s obligations at the end of the match

The above list applies just as well to the visiting captain, but he might also consider thanking those responsible for the catering and asking for his appreciation to be passed on to the grounds man for the state of the wicket.