Unfair tactics to avoid



by Kevin Keys

Unfair tactics to avoid

If by chance any of the following should happen while you are bowling, stop, and if appropriate, apologise:

  • Starting your run-up before fielders are in their assigned positions.
  • Starting your run-up before the batter is ready.
  • Bowling with flapping shirt sleeves.
  • Bowling with a watch on your wrist – can be distracting to the batter, especially if the sun reflects off the screen.
  • Bowling beamers – fast deliveries directed at the batter above the waist.

Comfort an injured batter

If you have hit the batter you are bowling to, do have the good manners to apologise, even if you believe it was the batter’s fault. If he is badly hurt, go up to him and see if you can help.

Manners maketh the man

Make a quiet apology to your captain if you bowl a rank bad ball which is smacked to or over the boundary is proper. Likewise, the same will be appreciated by the wicket-keeper if you bowl an unintentional wide ball which goes for four byes.

Applaud a great shot

Another of cricket’s delightful habits is to applaud a great shot by the batter. This may be tough to do if you are the affected bowler, but is a credit to your character.